Your dog could be our next graduate!

Animal Smart Training provides the Corpus Christi area with professional in-home dog training services. Our private dog training programs deliver quality results for both you and your pup. Our in-home training is customizable to your pets’ individual needs and designed to focus on certain problem areas. We believe that positive reinforcements deliver the best results and have made it our mission to use modern training techniques. 

Our in-home dog training process first begins by examining your home and the dynamics that influence your dog’s behavior. After we have accessed the reasons for your dog’s disobedience, we will make the necessary adjustments and teach you communication techniques. These methods will help you take charge and influence your pup’s behavior. There are many benefits associated with having your dog trained at home. 

Benefits of Our Private Dog Training 

  • You and your dog will get professional training from our expert and knowledgeable staff. 
  • Our private training provides you with one-on-one teaching that can focus on specific issues. 
  • The comfort of your home eliminates the outside environment and any distractions.  
  • It helps your dog pay full attention which tends to deliver faster results. 
  • Our program is perfect for pups that are not social and tolerant of other dogs and strangers.  
  • Our program gives you the opportunity to bond with your pup and create an excellent relationship.  


As your best friend and members of your family, your pups need love and attention. We strive to provide you with the tools and techniques needed to strengthen that bond so you can deepen your appreciation for your pets. We can provide experience and expertise; all you need to do is invest your time to enjoy amazing results.  

Trust in our in-home dog training programs to reinvent and shape your pup’s behavior so you can relax and enjoy time with them. Contact us today to learn more, and let’s get started!