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    The Animal Smart Way

    Professional Dog Training in Corpus Christi

    Research-based positive dog training focused on results.

    Welcome to Animal Smart Training! Located in Corpus Christi, TX, our professional dog training services’ mission is to provide our clients with happy, motivated dogs that are a joy to live with. We offer training for all dog breeds, small and large as well as for other pets such as cats, parrots, and exotic mammals.

    Do you love your dog, but not their behavior? Does your dog pull on walks? Jump on guests? Ignore your cues?

    Don’t worry. We can help!

    Imagine having a dog that:

    • Comes when called
    • Sits the first time you ask
    • Greets people calmly at the door
    • Walks nicely on a leash

    We can make these dog behaviors a reality! We offer in-home training in the dog’s regular environment with a number of programs and convenient options to fit your schedule and individual training needs.  You CAN have a dog that listens. Book one of our all-inclusive professional dog training packages by contacting us today at 361-537-0531 or completing the application on our 'Programs' page.

    Animal Smart Training, LLC is a professional, insured company with an excellent reputation for client success. We work with all dog breeds including the most popular dogs from small toy breeds to large working dogs and even exotics including birds and mammals.

    Our pet training systems are proven through research and practice. We offer positive and reward-based professional dog training in Corpus Christi.

    Your dog will love our programs, and you will love the results!


    Our methods are founded in research-based methods providing timely rewards to dogs to reinforce wanted behaviors. Force-free and positive experiences for the dogs at all times.


    The foundation of all adjusted and well-behaved dogs is an amazing positive relationship with their owner. AST strives to help you build those relationships.


    Dogs need to be provided proper training to ensure they can be reliable and predictable off-leash. We help you build those skills to always ensure safe & fun times together.


    We believe that a healthy thriving dog must be well-socialized. We strive to create environments for our clients to interact with other like-minded dogs & families.

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    Jeri S.
    Our trainer was so knowledgeable and gave us a wonderful overview prior to working with the dogs. The psychology helped tremendously! We had a very diverse class, dogs and people at all levels of learning and behavior, which made it fun and productive to see how each dog and trainer progressed.
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    Betty W.
    Very kind to the pet with no punishment involved. Understands well the "psyche" of our pet; Sugar looks forward to training sessions both with Andrea and with us. She (the dog) is responding well to training. I may yet (with more work) have a dog who's good behavior I can show off! I work with dogs and cats all day long as a veterinarian and am not easily impressed; Andrea has impressed me and I have been recommending her to clients of mine.
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    Erin E.
    Awesome individual!! Super sweet, understands animals and gives great advice. She came over to help our two newest dogs and was able to explain what we needed to do in simple terms. She was able to eliminate the issues we had in a short amount of time and gave us a plan to follow in the future. Highly highly recommend.
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    Gale B.
    Molly was a very energetic 18 month old poodle. Animal Smart was able to make her say please (sit) within a couple of minutes. After 8 sessions, Molly is still energetic, but I've learned how to work with her on her terms. She knows when I put her older brother and sister away, it is time for us to work and she loves it! I no longer call her a dumb poodle! We are looking forward to the trick class next.
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    Nancy K.
    Lately my dog and I and my fiancé have been working with a very wonderful and experienced trainer to help get my dog accustomed to my future husband and his cat. This has been a tremendous help! We are so glad we have Andréa to help our family makes these adjustments.
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    Marilyn B.
    I cannot thank you enough for training me to train Larry!  He isn’t a jerk anymore!  He is awesome and so smart and so lovable and good and sweet and funny as can be!  Certainly has grown into a beast!  He was such a cute little puppy and now looks like a poodle on steroids with a crazy snaggle tooth.
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    Alexis S.
    Andrea really knows what she's doing, we adopted a young dog from a rescue that had an extreme prey drive. She wanted to eat anything that was smaller than her and now she can touch noses with my cat. She still has a lot to learn but the improvement was incredible. All her methods were with positive reinforcement and I was very impressed and I learned as much as my dog did. 10/10
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    Dyana K.
    My shih tzu, Sergio, just completed Andrea's 3 week training session and we are thrilled with the results! It has honestly changed Sergio's demeanor from a dog that got into naughty mischief and was stubborn into a disciplined and well mannered dog. He absolutely loved his training time with Andrea. She has extensive knowledge and experience in animal training and psychology and spent a lot of time passing on her knowledge to our family so we could continue to make progress with Sergio when she was gone. She was patient and loving and Sergio bonded with her instantly. I highly recommend Animal Smart Training for anyone that needs help with their pet!!
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    Sharon L.
    Our experience with Animal Smart was amazing. Brinkley is now a super star. Our trainer was kind and patient with me and treated Brinkley so well! I recommend Animal Smart to everyone. Keep in mind you get what you pay for and their expertise is worth every penny!
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    Anny B.
    Positive re-enforcement classes taught me to be a better "Mom" to Dextor and Kylee. By teaching me to work with them in a positive way, they are both fun to be around. At only 8 months, Kylee can be off leash at the dog park running and playing with a self confidence that she will obey commands. Andrea taught me to be a consistent teacher to both of them. Her talent in teaching is priceless.
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    We Love Our Client's Success!

    You will learn to understand your dog’s needs and how to fulfill them so your dog WANTS to listen to you. We will teach you how to be a great dog parent and teach your dog how to focus, even around distractions.






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