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Your dog won't ever be the same after our training

A well behaved dog is just a phone call away.

Ready for a well behaved dog? We know that living with a dog without manners can be frustrating. What behaviors are frustrating you?

Don’t worry. We can help with all those frustrations.

Here’s how it works

Step 1

Click the Get Started button to complete our contact form with info on your dog. We call you to talk about your dog’s behavior and find the right training program for your pup!

Step 2

A trainer comes to your home to work with you and your dog in personalized private sessions

Step 3

You and your dog complete the behavior transformation with group training to work around other dogs and distractions

What Sets Animal Smart Training Apart

Whether your dog pulls on leash, barks at dogs, jumps on people, we can fix all that.
Our training programs have three big goals, no matter how your
dog is expressing unwanted behaviors.


Our methods are founded in research-based methods providing rewards to dogs to reinforce wanted behaviors. Force-free and positive experiences for the dogs at all times.

Positive Relationship

The foundation of all adjusted and well-behaved dogs is an amazing positive relationship with their owner. AST strives to help you build those relationships.

Off Leash Reliability

Dogs need to be provided proper training to ensure they can be reliable and predictable off-leash. We help you build those skills to always ensure safe & fun times together.


We believe that a healthy thriving dog must be well-socialized. We strive to create environments for our clients to interact with other like-minded dogs & families.

Imagine having a dog that

We can make these dog behaviors a reality! We offer in-home training in the dog’s regular environment with a number of programs and convenient options to fit your schedule and individual training needs. You CAN have a dog that listens. Book one of our all-inclusive professional dog training packages by contacting us today at 361-537-0531 or completing the application on our ‘Programs’ page.

Our Training Programs

Intensive Day Training

Let us do the work for you and train your dog while you work, run errands or relax.

Private Sessions

We come to you! Convenient and effective in-home training to best teach you and your dog.

Service Dog Training

We provide training for mobility assistance, medical alert, psychiatric, hearing, seizure and emergency response dogs.

Bird, Cat & Exotic Animal Training Services

Training is not just for dogs! Have a biting parrot, a marking cat or a feisty fox? We can help.

Client Testimonials

Lately my dog and I and my fiancé have been working with a very wonderful and experienced trainer to help get my dog accustomed to my future husband and his cat. This has been a tremendous help! We are so glad we have Andréa to help our family makes these adjustments.

Nancy K.

Our experience with Animal Smart was amazing. Brinkley is now a super star. Our trainer was kind and patient with me and treated Brinkley so well! I recommend Animal Smart to everyone. Keep in mind you get what you pay for and their expertise is worth every penny!

Sharon L.

Awesome individual!! Super sweet, understands animals and gives great advice. She came over to help our two newest dogs and was able to explain what we needed to do in simple terms. She was able to eliminate the issues we had in a short amount of time and gave us a plan to follow in the future.

Erin E.