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At Animal Smart Training, our human and animal clients are so important to us and we strive to meet and exceed your expectations. We love nothing more than to hear about all of the success, growth and positive change that occurs through the use of our services. We are looking for our next happy and successful clients!

Lately my dog and I and my fiancé have been working with a very wonderful and experienced trainer to help get my dog accustomed to my future husband and his cat. This has been a tremendous help! We are so glad we have Andréa to help our family makes these adjustments.

Nancy K.

Our experience with Animal Smart was amazing. Brinkley is now a super star. Our trainer was kind and patient with me and treated Brinkley so well! I recommend Animal Smart to everyone. Keep in mind you get what you pay for and their expertise is worth every penny!

Sharon L.

Awesome individual!! Super sweet, understands animals and gives great advice. She came over to help our two newest dogs and was able to explain what we needed to do in simple terms. She was able to eliminate the issues we had in a short amount of time and gave us a plan to follow in the future.

Erin E.

Positive re-enforcement classes taught me to be a better “Mom” to Dextor and Kylee. By teaching me to work with them in a positive way, they are both fun to be around. At only 8 months, Kylee can be off leash at the dog park running and playing with a self confidence that she will obey commands. Andrea taught me to be a consistent teacher to both of them. Her talent in teaching is priceless.

Anny B.

Molly was a very energetic 18 month old poodle. Animal Smart was able to make her say please (sit) within a couple of minutes. After 8 sessions, Molly is still energetic, but I’ve learned how to work with her on her terms. She knows when I put her older brother and sister away, it is time for us to work and she loves it! I no longer call her a dumb poodle! We are looking forward to the trick class next.

Gale B.

Andrea really knows what she’s doing, we adopted a young dog from a rescue that had an extreme prey drive. She wanted to eat anything that was smaller than her and now she can touch noses with my cat. She still has a lot to learn but the improvement was incredible. All her methods were with positive reinforcement and I was very impressed and I learned as much as my dog did. 10/10

Alexis S.