Serving Corpus Christi since 2015

Animal Smart Training is here to help you with your pet! We provide premier pet training services in Corpus Christi, TX including dogs, cats and exotic pets. We only work with dedicated pet parents who want the best possible training experience with their pet and long-lasting results.

Our programs include everything you'll ever need to have a well-behaved dog and we make learning fun for both ends of the leash. We can help you with basic manners, obedience training, behavior modification and with fears, anxiety and aggression.

Our clients also get to participate in various fun canine activities such as agility, trick training, going on field trips and more.



Andrea Bogle, MSc

Andrea is the founder and owner at Animal Smart. She started her animal training career in 2002 and has worked with a variety of domestic and exotic species at zoos and aquaria around the world, including the Texas State Aquarium here in Corpus Christi. She is a certified dog trainer through the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers. Her experience includes training animals for TV and movie productions, research training with wolves and dogs, training dolphins for animal assisted therapy and working with pet parents to help them overcome problem behaviors. Andrea is currently a professor of animal science at the Animal Behavior Institute. She teaches training courses to zookeepers, trainers, behavior consultants and other aspiring animal professionals getting their certifications. Andrea also keeps up with current research and innovations in the training field through seminars and workshops to continue her education.


Jessa Sterling Parker

Jessa started her training career in 2012 as a pet dog trainer while attending Texas A&M University. After graduating, Jessa moved to Phoenix where she trained service dogs full-time and gained experience helping pet owners solve behavior problems. While in Arizona, she worked with a variety of animals on TV and commercial productions, and developed her specialization in training diabetic alert dogs. She received her certification through the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers in 2017. Jessa moved back home to Texas in 2018 and began volunteering at Texas State Aquarium while also fostering puppies through local organizations. Jessa works to enhance her skills at teaching people and their pets by regularly attending seminars and conferences. She is passionate about positive, science-based training, and helping pet owners build the best bond they can with their pet.

Kacie Hodges

Kacie started her training career with animals in 2004 at the Texas State Aquarium working closely with several exotic species.  She began working full-time with dogs in 2007, and has extensive experience as both a trainer and veterinarian technician. She is a Canine Good Citizen evaluator, and both pet first aid and CPR certified. Besides being a trainer at Animal Smart, she also serves as a behavior specialist and educator with local organizations evaluating dogs’ temperaments so they can find homes and educates their new parents on how to best provide for them. She has a passion for learning about positive training and she continues her education by attending workshops and networking with other reward-based trainers.


AJ Warrington

AJ graduated from Texas A&M Corpus Christi in 2010, and started her animal training career in 2011 working with free-flighted parrots at SeaWorld San Antonio and with shelter dogs. She then expanded her experience to include working with and training a wide variety of domestic and exotic animals, from reptiles, to primates, to large carnivores. She went back to school and graduated from the Exotic Animal Training and Management program at America's Teaching Zoo in 2016, and worked as a Senior Trainer at the Texas State Aquarium’s Wildflight show before joining the Animal Smart team. She loves helping pets and their people share their lives with each other and helping your pets be their best self.


Joree Jackson

Joree has had a love for animals since she was little, aspiring at one point to be a vet. She spent the majority of her young adulthood riding horses and going on adventures with her family dogs. She started her professional dog training journey during her last semester before graduating from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi with a Bachelors of Science. Training pet dogs started as a way to keep busy, make extra money and spend time with dogs during her last semester of college. However, it very quickly turned into something she passionately loved and decided to turn into a career.  From that moment, she became obsessed with learning about positive reinforcement and science-based dog training.  Joree has a passion for working alongside people and their dogs to help them build the best relationship possible. She plans to continue her development in the field with a focus on service dog training.

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Serving to provide positive & effective training experiences for our clients.

Animal Smart Training is here to help you with your pet! We seek to always provide amazing behavior results you will love. Whether you are looking to crate train your puppy, or want to keep your 80lb dog from jumping on guests, we are able to help.

We offer exclusive programs that take a holistic approach to training. Our programs teach both you and your dog essential skills to enjoy a long, happy life together. Contact us today to learn about the benefits positive training can have on your dog.

Why should I choose Animal Smart?

Because our training team excels at training animals AND teaching people. Our program design focuses not just on working with animals, but teaching training skills to adults and families. No matter what the behavior problem, we will make sure to set both you and your pet up for success to solve it. Choosing us means choosing a better behaved dog, and choosing for your life to be changed for the better with the results we will get together.

What is expected of me?

No matter what program you choose, we expect our clients to be fully committed to their pet and to the training experience. With any program it is important that owners follow through for the training to be successful long term. Depending on the type of training you choose, we will either coach you through every step of the way to make sure you are successful in training your pet, or give you a terrific head start by training your dog all cues and behaviors for you that you just have to maintain.

What methods do you use?

Animal Smart Training uses positive reinforcement training, which is a method that is scientifically proven and force free. We focus on all the good things your dog does in training and use rewards to communicate what behaviors we like (for example through Clicker training). If your dog does something wrong, we help them figure out what the right behavior is and set them up for success. This makes training effective because your pet is highly motivated to succeed and it helps build a strong relationship between you and your pet. We never use prong, choke or e-collars and have no need to because we achieve better results using positive reinforcement! Modern studies have found that training methods using ‘dominance theory’ are outdated, flawed and less effective. Here at Animal Smart we do believe in leadership, but know that using punishment or dominance is not the way to be a good leader. We employ benevolent leadership instead which focuses on being fair, consistent and setting boundaries for our animals to safely live in our human world.


Our methods are founded in research providing timely rewards to dogs to reinforce wanted behaviors. Force-free and positive experiences for the dogs at all times.


The foundation of all adjusted and well-behaved dogs is an amazing positive relationship with their owner. AST strives to help you build those relationships.


Dogs need to be provided proper training to ensure they can be reliable and predictable off-leash. We help build those skills to always ensure safe & fun times together.


We believe that a healthy thriving dog must be well-socialized. We strive to create environments for our clients to interact with other like-minded dogs & families.