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Dog and Puppy Training Programs in Corpus Christi

Animal Smart Training Programs

Our dog and puppy training programs in Corpus Christi are designed to give you and your dog the best possible life together. We focus on changing your dog’s behavior for a lifetime. We teach you how to communicate effectively with your dog so you can have the companion you’ve always wanted.

There is no ‘quick-fix’ when it comes to dog behavior, just as there is no way you can eat a salad once and expect to stay slim and healthy forever without effort! Behaviors need time and practice to become life-long good habits. Our training approach teaches you and your dog everything you need to know for long-term success and for an amazing relationship with each other. We give you long-term support and families who are committed to their dogs excel in our programs. Is your dog the next Animal Smart graduate?

Intensive Day Training

Our intensive training programs are designed for people with busy lives who would love for a trainer to build a foundation of good behavior and manners without sending their dog away.

Here’s how it works

Step 1

We come to your home and train with your dog several times a week and then go on field trips to work in the real world. The training is faster because it starts in your dog’s known environment and your dog is getting plenty of practice each week.

Step 2

After the intensive training we work with you in private sessions to make sure you know exactly what to do to continue your dog’s new good habits for life.

Step 3

We continue to train with you and offer support in group training classes and with our video lessons you can review any time.

This program can be done for obedience training as well as behavioral training.

Private Sessions

Our one-on-one sessions will show you how to get your dog to listen and transform your life together. These lessons are customized to fit your lifestyle and goals. Often, our human habits need changing too for the dog to succeed! We will coach both you and your dog so you can communicate much more effectively with each other and work together instead of wanting different things (for example: you wanting them to come when called and them wanting to chase the seagulls).

This program can be done for obedience training as well as behavioral training.

Service Dog Training

We provide training for several types of service dogs including mobility assistance, psychiatric (including PTSD), medical alert such as diabetic or allergen alert, seizure response, emergency response and hearing dogs. We can also train your dog to be a Home Helper dog who can perform tasks at home but is not public access trained. We specialize in providing in-home training for owners and work with puppies as well as adult dogs.

If you already have a dog, we start with an in-home consultation to evaluate your dog for service work.

If you do not have a dog yet, we can help you find the right service dog candidate for training.

A note on service dogs, therapy dogs and emotional support dogs:

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